Castech Consulting Engineers specialties include:

Seismic and wind Analysis of new and existing structures using state of the art techniques (Finite Element Analysis). Thoroughly familiar with the following analysis techniques per ASCE 7-10

  • Equivalent Lateral Force Method (ELF)
  • Response Spectrum Procedure (RSP)
  • Response History Analysis (RHP)
  • Wind (Push Over) Analysis

Seismic and wind Analysis of single and multi story structures per ASCE 7-10

  • Wood structures
  • Steel structure
  • Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures

Seismic Analysis of free standing chemical tanks per ASCE 7-10

  • Rigid fluid mass
  • Slosh fluid mass

Non-Linear Analysis of tension structures – Large deflection analysis

  • Surface buildings (Fabric covered)
  • Tension Structures (Fabric & Cables)
  • Free standing canopies, Awnings, Signs

The above analyses are performed using standard engineering techniques (hand calculations) and Finite Element Analysis when required.